Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Writer's Jam - Day 20

Laptops and notebooks spread across the dining room table as each writer claims a space for herself.  An eclectic mix of mugs scattered throughout add comfort.  Laughter abounds.  Stories spill over from both voice and keyboard.  Sometimes the staccato music of tapping keyboards and scratching pens is heard.  Sometimes it is the harmony of story-tellers telling their stories.  The setting is Monday night's Writer's Jam.

Sitting among this group I am still getting to know, I feel welcome.  I feel accepted.  I feel comfortable.  These are not feelings I have often while in a gathering that includes people I don't know well, especially not in a group so newly formed.  Only three weeks old and attendance has been slightly different each week since we all come as life permits.  But the level of comfort remains the same whether they are already friends of mine or someone I've only met that night.

The common theme that draws us all together is our love of words.  Our desire to express ourselves through written words bonds us.  Most of us blog, but journalling, story-telling and poetry are all part of the words we spill out.  We come as we are, bringing what we're working on, and plan to write.  Sharing is optional.  Laughter is essential.

We've been brought together by Alanna Rusnak, author of the lovely blog SelfBinding Retrospect and aspiring novelist, when she put out the call looking for fellow writer's to join her in this blog post. She offers us a space to write without distractions from our regular life.  She's pulled together people that share a similar passion.

It has already become a place where sharing that I write, tasting the idea of calling myself a writer, and offering understanding to fellow writers is all part of the evening.  It is safe.  Knowing that the others sitting near, laughing and working alongside me, each understand that sharing my words is something I hesitate to do even as I desire it.  Sharing my words might expose my very most vulnerable parts to reveal deep hurts. hopes and passions.  The comfort of knowing the others around me may have similar trepidation about sharing their writing gives me a boldness I didn't expect.

I'm beginning to see that what I write matters simply because I wrote it.  It's not necessarily all about relevant content or how a reader perceives it, but more about the act of practicing a craft.  I almost feel ready to own the title of 'writer'.

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  1. You say everything so beautifully, and I completely agree! Each time I've left feeling encouraged, and brave enough to publish a post I might otherwise have not.

    1. Oh I am glad it makes you brave enough to hit publish because we all would have missed out on your wit and humour otherwise!

      Like this gem for example: http://mysistertoldmetostartablog.blogspot.ca/2015/10/theres-nothing-new-in-this-world-or-is.html


  2. Yes! You capture it all so well!!! And I'm SO pleased that Writer's Jam has become part of your life - and mine!!! :)

    "what I write matters simply because I wrote it" ...again...YES!!!

    This makes me SO HAPPY :)

    1. Thank YOU for making Writer's Jam happen and giving us a place to feel safe, encouraged and comfortable.

      And a quiet place to write and think and not have to answer to "mom!" Well, quiet when we all stop talking and laughing long enough to write something ;)

  3. Gosh you are a great writer Michelle!
    I adore our group too. It's funny how quickly it became important and how much I missed it over thanksgiving and the week before when we had a meeting.

    1. Thank you! And the importance of it in so short a time surprises me. It truly is something we all need since we feel so strongly, so quickly.

  4. Beautifully said! & Your blog is a chest of treasures! :)


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