Thursday, October 15, 2015

Snuggles - Day 15

The hurry of the morning ends when four boys clamber aboard the bus to begin their day at school.  My Dylan and I stand waving as the bus grows smaller.  On cool mornings my boy snuggles close finding warmth against my leg, leaning into me while leaning into his waving.  Even waving is done with gusto.

Turning from the road we make the short trek to the house.  In typical three year old fashion he is easily distracted by anything that moves or can be made to move; especially anything that can be sat upon with sound effects.  It takes genuine work on my part to get him back to the house door some days.  Other days he runs ahead while simultaneously turning to encourage me to keep up.  A dancing flow of movement sweeping him along.  Leaves swirl alongside him as he bursts through the door.

Coats are hung, shoes are discarded, mommy and Dylan time begins.  Two to empty the dishwasher.  Two to clear up from breakfast.  Two to straighten the blankets.  Two to fold the laundry.  Ever by my side, helping.  Even when he takes a break to play he migrates where I go, staying near to lend a hand.  Often wrapping his arms about me when he gets near.  A little snuggle as he passes by.

Trying to take a picture of myself and Dylan: a memorable experience.
Once the morning work is complete, mommy has her coffee while Dylan gets his milk.  Snuggles in the armchair make the morning routine complete.  His thin arm snakes round my neck while we watch our daily episode of Dora.  He shouts in my ear when he tells Dora which way to go.  My hair is pulled, caught in the squirming of wriggling happiness.  Having sat still for more than a minute means it's time to dance again.  Disentangling himself from me means I'm sure to have a knee or elbow jammed into my side..

Snuggles with my Dylan.  They are the stuff that make life good.  They are as necessary as breathing

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  1. So cute!

    Loved this: leaning into me while leaning into his waving

    Great writing :)

    1. And again, thank you my friend :) Dylan is always able to provide great subject matter.


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