Friday, October 2, 2015

Garden Gems - Day 2

Garden Gems

My childhood memories of summer are entwined with gardening.  Smells of the fresh earth, warm dirt hugging my bare feet, fingers green from weed pulling.  Similar smells and sensations on my skin still bring me that sense of rightness in the world that beautiful childhood memories invoke.  

Always my summer began when our mom took my sister and I to the garden so we could sow seeds on the Victoria Day long week-end in May.  Watching nature grow became one of my passions.  Still today, after I plant my seeds, I check the garden soil daily waiting to see those first hair-like wisps or delicately curled leaves poking through.  It stirs in me an indescribable thrill.

Then I watch our food grow.  However, I can't say I tend it as lovingly as I should.  My laidback gardening style lends itself more to a weedy garden where only the heartiest plants thrive.  But so far it's worked.  We eat well through the summer. Our shelves and freezer are full of food grown and preserved by our own hands.  

The food I serve my family is a gift I give them.  It is the same as my mom gave me.  It is one I cherish from my childhood and one I hope my children cherish in the future. 

September lingered with summer on the breeze most days.  Yesterday the twins and I picked the last of the peppers and beans for the year.  I'm almost in disbelief of all the fresh produce that was still in the garden on October 1st!  

Ending the garden season harvesting the bounty with my boys made a moment to cherish.

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  1. I hand HUGE respect for anyone who takes on a garden! It's such an undertaking. I always start with such good intentions and then it all goes to...well...weeds ;) So glad you were able to have such success this year

    1. I 'have' not I 'hand' -- dumb iPad typing ;)

    2. ummm. yeah, I can never seem to keep up with the weeds either...sometimes they even hold the plants up :) But what I do really makes me happy.


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