Friday, October 16, 2015

Home Time - Day 16

Leaning sideways over the counter, straining to see the end of the lane.  Predictably the long yellow bus has slowed to a stop in the blind spot between the two front windows.  Wiping my wet hands on the towel that hangs on the front of the stove, I drop it on the counter and make my way to the door.  Opening it, I wave to the driver to let her know I'm home.  Even from the short outdoor distance I hear the noise tumbling out the door of the bus as four of my boys descend the steps and into our lane.  I can't help but smile.

The west wind blowing from the field across the road is cold.  I shiver as its icy fingers touch the bare skin of my arms.  The small body of Dylan molds against my leg as he shields himself from the same cold wind.  Pressing my hand to his head I step him back out of the open doorway and push it closed.  We stand looking out the picture window watching the flowing crowd of brothers run, jump, move from the roads' edge towards the house and door.

James is crawling along the ground.  Why?  I shake my head.  Morgan turns away, his jacket open blowing in the wind.  Looking both ways, he crosses the road to the mailbox.  Evan heads straight to the house in his slow steady way, up across the stones and mulch; the hardest path.  Nicholas is carrying a book today.  His backpack hanging off his arm, his jacket open.  He smiles when he sees me standing in the window just before he charges forward.

They burst through the door, each in their own time, with stories spilling from their lips.  Joy bubbling over.  My boys have come home.

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  1. Oh, I like this one a lot! It paints such a great picture. :)

    1. Thank you! It was fun to write about something I watch every day. They give me a lot to work with :)

    2. and I didn't realize who you were at first :)

  2. You tell such simple, special moments so eloquently!


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