Monday, October 19, 2015

Morgan's Musical Induction - Day 19

Seeing him sit so small behind the full size drum kit, feeling rhythm even with the movement of his body.  Eyes glued to his uncle playing guitar to his left.  Watching, ever intent.  Inhaling deeply as his breathing aligns with his playing.  Absorbing the sound, the rhythm of the music being played. Learning to play as he plays for the first time with some of the music makers in his family.

It is his heritage, the heritage of them all, passed from his great-grandfather through generations to him.  Sitting on porches, in basements, in bars playing with other gifted family member.  Playing with friends who become family through playing.  They speak to each other in a universal language which others enjoy but cannot all speak.  They are bonded by the hours spent with the instruments speaking through the chords, runs and lyrics.  Friendships borne in music, built with instruments, lived in the world.

And it is beginning again, music making is being passed from our generation to our sons.  They sat together in the basement: dad, son and uncle.   Each at their own instrument and played the way that they do together.  But now there is a new element to the playing.  It wasn't only about getting lost in making music.  Instead, they were moments of teaching.  Skilled musicians sharing with a novice musician.  Sharing how to hear, how to feel, how to play using the innate musical ability that is in their very nature.

Watching them, being part of something as it happened in front of me yet not participating, I was able to fully appreciate the magnitude of the moment.  It was beautiful.  Morgan will not forget the first time he played with his dad and his uncle.  The moment when he went from onlooker to participant.

Later he came to me and wrapped his arms around me.  He squeezed me hard and said low, "Did you see?  I played with them."  He glowed.

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  1. This is so sweet! I see Liam in this so much. Nothing is better than sitting down with Daddy and asking him to teach him another beat

    1. It is especially beautiful watching them bond with daddy through music.


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