Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Skating Gems - Day 7

What could be more fun than skating on an early dismissal day!

It was a bit of a rush to get there since we had to find skates that fit before we could leave.  Last year we never managed to make it for a free skate because, well, life isn't always simple.  Probably a lot more organization would help.  Sometimes it's more about lack of co-operation.  But last year I suspect a grumpy bear would have been napping at the time of an early dismissal free skate.

Even though we didn't get there for the whole time, the boys had a great time.  We're not a hockey family.  We haven't yet started skating lessons.  My boys are wobbly out there on the ice but it really doesn't matter to them.  They just go and do it in all their awkward, uncertain, hesitating motion and they enjoy every bit of it.  I'm proud of them for trying hard and not being discouraged if they fall.  Because if they do, they just get back up and keep going.

Oh to be like my boys and give everything I do my all!  Oh to be like my boys and persevere through the wobbles and tumbles to get back up and go on.  Oh to be like my boys and enjoy life with zest no matter who is looking to see all my fumbles and imperfections.

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  1. Totally!!! I'm completely afraid to put on skates again...oh, to be like boys ;)


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