Friday, October 9, 2015

Thoughtful Gems - Day 8

When the key word of the day is 'busy', any little extra can feel like a super big extra instead.  It becomes just a little too easy to live with emotions on the edge of spilling over at the smallest provocation.  In an effort to to minimize the time it takes to do a task, things can be overlooked or left not quite finished.

Although one of my goals for this year has been to make some necessary changes towards better time management, I'm still a work in progress.  The last few weeks have been more juggling of my time than normal.  I had hoped to be a little further towards my goal when my mom had her surgery a month ago but I am not there yet.  My sister stayed with my mom, caring for her the first two difficult weeks she was home from the hospital.  Now that my sister has returned to her home in another province, the bulk of the responsibility to help falls to me.  I do it gladly, but, sadly, I don't do it effortlessly or efficiently.  It is a complete juggling act!  

Today was physio day for my mom.  Dylan and I picked her up and took her to the appointment.  When we returned back to my mom's we walked in to find homemade biscuits on the table with a note from my mom's friend saying there were also TWO homemade soups in the fridge!  What a gift!  Between both my mom and dad, they have only been managing easy foods like eggs, toast and opening cans.

This thoughtful lady shared more than the gift of a meal.  She offered my mom some of the nourishment she needs to continue to heal.  She gave my mom a much needed reminder that she is being thought of and prayed for.  She provided my parent's some independence to do for themselves without feeling like a burden.  (They certainly are not!  But I know mom feels she is since there is so little she can do still.) 

And she offered me time.  Time to spend just visiting with my mom for a little longer than I would have if I had had to prepare a meal as I was planning.  It also afforded me enough time to see to some other necessary chores that I hadn't gotten to yet this week.  And even when I returned home I didn't feel quite as behind as I do some days and my patience with my boys was a little more gracious.

Yes, the thoughtfulness of one person can impact many.  Never hesitate to do something kind for others.  You never really know what it will mean for them.

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  1. Yay for little drops of kindness!!! The smallest thing can certainly go a looooong way!

    1. It certainly can...often the kind giver really has no idea exactly how far their thoughtful act reaches.

  2. Aw that is so sweet. I love people who think about those kinds of things. My mother-in-law is so good at that kind of stuff and so is my sister. For me it is not something I think about so I am even more amazed by the thoughtfulness they show through these "little" acts of kindness.

    1. Some people are so naturally thoughtful in this way. It's just an ingrained part of their make-up. They amaze me too :)


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