Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Leaves - Day 23

Rustling leaves.  Screeching boys.  Scrapping rakes.  Crunching wheels.  The sounds are amplified today as the wind blows gently.  The blue sky seems magnified by a brilliant sun.  There is peace hanging over us in the yard as we work together.

Trees surround our home.  Shade in summer gives way to the yellow magnificence of leaves painted by the hand of Autumn.  Whipping winds have ripped leaves from the trees and piled them knee-deep in corners and recesses around our yard.  Leaving the piles amassed will cause slippery messes for us to face through the winter and spring to come.  Contrast between our accumulation of messiness and our neighbours yard made pristine by diligent work spur us to at least attempt removal of some of the mass.

A day off school for these energetic boys of ours provides extra time to be outside raking today.  Leaves are raked into a pile.  Then jumped in.  Leaves are raked back into a pile again.  And jumped in again.  Third time around sees the leaves piled into the wagon.  Dylan's small body sits atop the pile packing it down as his big brothers pull it into the bush.  Pushing the leaves off the wagon means one more chance to crawl through the pile.

Leaves clinging to pant legs and shirts, sticking out of shoes, mashed into hair.  The smiles on their faces say it all.  Raking leaves in a way as only the young would do.

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  1. Ugh! Wouldn't it be amazing if we approached yard chores with that same enthusiasm? ;)

    1. Could you imagine how much we could get done in a short amount of time? Well, we'd have to do the chores just once, not repeatedly as they do, to accomplish more :)


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